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Diverse Solutions

Abacus Automation has delivered turn-key manufacturing automation solutions for over 35 years. We provide the entire development and production process, from inception to delivery. Our customers satisfaction is paramount for each step in the process.

Our Customers

For over 35 years, we have built machines for a very diverse group of select people that we are very fortunate to call our customers, which range from different specialty markets such as medical, aerospace, military, consumer, cosmetic, food, manufacturing, automotive, and many more. Here is a cross-section of our customer lineup:
A Cross-section of Flexible Manufacturing

Part Handling & Assembly

From delicate, cosmetically critical plastic to red-hot steel, Abacus has stepped up to the challenge of building mechanisms for manipulating and assembling a wide array of parts. Synchronous precision chain indexers, non-synchronous pallet conveyors, rotary indexing dials, walking beams, and continuous motion equipment all make up our catalog of potential solutions for your product.


Flexible Automation

Abacus has integrated a variety of different systems to work in concert for a diverse array of applications. Many of these systems include some combination of robotic work cells, servo motion, vision guided part processing, laser & ultrasonic processing, and fluid dispensing.


Product Changeover

From the initial concept onward, when a need to quickly change between products arises Abacus can provide the necessary design and tooling with our Fast-Change-Out approach. Changeover can be quickly accomplished through product selection on the machine controller, with existing “recipes” of product stored for future use. Mechanical tooling is designed to be easily removed and reinstalled as required.