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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider Automating my Production?

Every manufacturing situation is different, but it’s typically a question of revenue – when sales demand surpasses your production capacity. Successful implementation of an automated system typically provides a Return-On-Investment of 2-4 years.

What Increase of Production can I expect?

Abacus specializes in machines built for ramping up production runs with change-over for multiple variations in the products. Our machine cycle times vary from 30 to 120 parts per minute.  Many of our machines run on a 5 day, 3 shift schedule with minimal downtime for scheduled maintenance and product change-over.

Can I add capability (such as vision inspection) to my old machine?

Depending on the age, condition, and configuration of your machine and its controller, this may be an efficient and easy addition or it may be more cost effective to build a more flexible replacement machine. We are adept at finding the BEST BALANCE of design and renovation for your revenue and production goals. The engineering staff at Abacus are highly experienced and ready to evaluate your existing system to achieve your specific goals. CLICK HERE TO GET AN  EVALUATION.

What is the life cycle of an Abacus Automation machine?

All Abacus Machines are highly durable production machines that are built for industrial environments and heavy usage. These are long lasting industrial production machines, designed to run continuously for years with regular maintenance. A properly maintained Abacus machine will run for as long as the product life cycle requires – and most often beyond that point.

How long does reprogramming a production line change-out take?

Depending on your production needs, Abacus Automation machines can be designed with instant programming presets that precisely match the mechanical change-out presets. This means that setup can be as simple as feeder bowl restock, quick tool change-out and a simple button selection sequence. The obvious advantages include less variables for production schedules as well as making training of staff tremendously less involved.

What is the cost of Automation?

Depending on complexity and functionality, Abacus machine costs range from low six figures for a single operator workstation to seven figures for completely automated production lines. This investment is typically offset by the considerable gains in production capacity, increased quality control and gains found from skilled worker retention.

Can I produce multiple products from a single Abacus Automation machine ?

Absolutely. Our Fast Change Out designs can accommodate multiple variations in products as long as the size, geometry and complexity are similar in construction. Our customers can typically change-over between 5-10 products on their machines if required, and sometimes run hundreds of part variations on the same machine.

What is "Fast Change Out" in Automation?

Fast Change Out is a customer-driven approach to reducing downtime on machines that are set up to run multiple products.  A typical station change out requires only a brief tool exchange, usually between 1-2 minutes each. Each station change is a preset that matches the digital controller preset.

What are the advantages of Abacus Fast Change Out?

The ability to run multiple products within a 24 hour production shift makes a much wider range of production quantities both practical and profitable. It is now possible to execute very short runs of a few thousand in sequence with much longer production runs on the same machine. This is a huge operations advantage that can open up many more possibilities as well as substantial gains in profitability.