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Our Services

We work with the leading manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, consumer industries, among others, to build with them, the custom machines they can’t assemble off the shelf.  They come to us because they need a partner who can build the machines necessary to grow their business.  Our custom machines are used for Assembly, Testing and Packag-ing, Innovation, and R&D.  We are agnostic about technology and embrace all platforms and tools available to us.

Mechanical Engineering

Our adaptive engineering process is specific to our customer’s unique situations and types of product. All phases of our process are customized – from the initial design and prototyping, all the way to the final build and run-off.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering approach combines all aspects of PLC programming, robotics, motion control, image processing and data analysis needed to provide the best performing automation solutions for aviation, medical, consumer products, automotive, and many other areas.

Drafting, Analysis & Archiving

Abacus provides our customers with full ownership of all design and drafting assets for their project. All specifications, tolerances, form, size and finishes for custom and commercial components are specified on the machine’s bills of materials and draft sheets. Additionally, our machine’s documentation assets are securely archived for the exclusive access of the machine owner.

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Full Customer Support

Our Sales and Customer Service team supports all Abacus Automation machines for as long as the customer keeps them running. Our experienced personnel bring first-hand knowledge to troubleshoot any machine problem. We provide a complete service for custom parts replacement and machine support.

Call us at 802-442-3662 for any questions or assistance that we can lend with your current or future Abacus Automation machine.

Robotic Software Development

Our development process reduces the cost and time-to-market of automation while preserving efficiency, robustness and flexibility through robotic applications. We routinely integrate many popular makes of robotic arms for dedicated processes like Spot Welding, Material Handling, Laser Cutting and Precision Assembly.

Process Development

Our process development methodology is base on applied life cycle engineering with integrated product and process development. This continuous performance optimization delivers high performance automation.


Abacus uses equipment from almost all OEM suppliers.  We are pleased to be integrators with the following companies:

Kawasaki Preferred Integrator
Rockwell Automation
Authorized System Integrator

our mission

Abacus Automation will supply and support “State of the Art” custom equipment to manufacturers around the Globe that is cost effective, enhances productivity, improves quality and exceeds all industrial standards for safe operation. 


Our Flexible Automation compliments the modern production requirements with Just-In-Time manufacturing. The need for highly flexible, lean manufacturing processes is driven by ever changing market demands. Abacus Automation machines enable you to do production runs from a few thousand to millions of units, with dramatically shorter change-out times – often with a simple push of a button and a few minutes of tool change. The integration of advanced digital controls with masterful machine design will give you a competitive advantage by expanding your production capabilities efficiently and effectively.

We'd love to meet you and build the perfect solution for your automation needs.

Learn More About Our Automation Process

Robot Flexibility helps meets the “Just In Time” manufacturing demands of the 21st century.

Abacus Automation has integrated a wide variety of Robots for customers around the world to assist with their Flexible Automation needs. From small “Tooth Brushing” Robots, to multiple Robots synchronized for high workload systems, and to large Robots with a 9 foot range, Abacus has found the right Robot for our customer’s Automation needs.

Whether your project calls for a Scara, Articulating, Gantry or Spider Robot, Abacus will find the most efficient and cost effective Robotic solution. Our vision guided Robots have picked parts off moving conveyors, re-oriented them and placed them into assemblies, test fixtures or packaging systems. Abacus has designed and built many custom gantry Robots where commercial Robots could not perform all the tasks required.

If using a Robot is not the best solution, Abacus will offer alternatives that may give you higher rates with lower costs. When the application is right for a Robot, Abacus has the experience to design and deliver the best solution.
Flexible Automation allows multiple products to run your production line, offers quick or even push button changeover, and can be easily re-programmed and tooled for new products and future expansion.

Abacus services its systems anywhere in the world. We can maintain, re-program or re-tool our systems upon your request. Call us at 802-442-3662 or CLICK HERE to email us today at for a quote on your project and see how our business can help yours. 

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Your needs are unique. Years of experience has taught us that no two customers are alike, and that a “one-size fits all” solution rarely works.

Let us build a unique solution for you.

Abacus Automation is your one stop source for your automation needs. Our goal is to provide unique, custom manufacturing solutions.  These turnkey systems will make your processes more efficient, safer and profitable, with the quality demanded by your customers.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, programming, assembly, panel and machine wiring, and troubleshooting. We can upgrade your current equipment, or design and build new systems as needed. We work with your staff every step of the way, from initial consultation and concepts through design and implementation.  Our worldwide support keeps your equipment in tune.

Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • General Electric
  • Smith & Nephew
  • United Technologies
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Husky Molding
  • Yankee Candle
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Gillette
  • Energizer
  • Rubbermaid
  • …and many more

Call us at 802-442-3662 or CLICK HERE to email us today at for a quote on your project and see how our business can help yours.

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Abacus Automation has designed and built a vast range of Assembly and Process Machines. These systems have helped our customers remain on the cutting edge of technology, and kept them competitive in the “World Economy” of today’s market.

Synchronous or non-synchronous, indexing or continuous motion, Abacus will design and build a custom system to fit your needs for new products, upgrading existing lines, adding quality assurance or improving safety.

Abacus prides itself in developing a close working relationship with your technical staff to ensure these systems are designed for optimal efficiency & meet the “Return On Investment” demanded by corporations today.

Quality assurance is built into our systems to inspect and verify that each operation has been completed and meets quality standards set in the specifications. Abacus can use measurement devices, vision systems or a wide range of sensors to inspect the processes on the fly.

Abacus designed machines and systems bring crucial Operator Safety benefits by:

  • Improving operator safety
  • Eliminating repetitive motion injuries
  • Reducing noisy processes
  • Eliminating the hazards of back or bodily injuries
  • All Abacus equipment meets or exceeds OSHA standards 

Call us at 802-442-3662 or CLICK HERE to email us today at for a quote on your project and see how our business can help yours. 

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Abacus Automation has a long history using vision systems in our machines for a wide variety of jobs. In 2003, Abacus recognized the need to become our own experts in vision technology and now develops and maintains all vision applications internally to preserve a “One Stop Shop” for complete systems and customer support. 

With the latest advances of higher resolutions, faster acquisition times, larger data storage capabilities, and lower costs, vision systems are being integrated into a large percentage of automation systems. Whether your need is a measurement, color verification, bar code or charter recognition, guidance for robots or servos, orientation check, or other QC certification, Abacus will find the right system for your application. Abacus uses many brands cameras, lighting and software, depending on the task’s needs. Data gathering, storing and report writing can meet your requirements for quality assurance.

Solving vision issues is less of an “Art” than in past years, but most of the challenges remain in the lighting. Our technical staff has overcome many difficult lighting applications. The new cameras and software have expanded the vision possibilities.

Abacus will service any of its vision systems upon request. We can reprogram for new products, add new features or perform updates as needed. Our guiding principal is Constant Improvement.

Call us at 802-442-3662 or CLICK HERE to email us today at for a quote on your project and see how our business can help yours. 

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Abacus Automation has been integrating Lasers in a multitude of applications for over 20 years. From marking products and packaging materials with date codes and part numbers, to cutting and welding a variety of metals, Abacus has the experience to solve your Laser requirements.

The high speed and “No Ink Mess” of Laser marking, makes it ideal for many packaging applications. Abacus has added date codes to card stock for high volume consumer products. Many of our Medical Industry Systems have used Lasers for marking and welding, as they can achieve high production rates and meet the clean room specifications needed for the job.

Abacus has combined Lasers, Vision and Robots to precisely solder connectors to Printed Circuits Boards in an Automotive application. Systems built for the Aerospace Industry have Laser cut then formed foil for air bearings and used a Robot to precisely position curved, stainless steel parts under a Laser Drilling Head to match the vector coordinates of each hole in cooling vents. 

Abacus Automation has also used a wide variety of Lasers for measurement systems. Lasers can meet many of the precision sensing needs to insure your products and processes are meeting your quality standards.

Call us at 802-442-3662 or CLICK HERE to email us today at for a quote on your project and see how our business can help yours. 

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Time is money

Abacus Automation’s Quick Change Over production systems enable a truly flexible production line. You will benefit from the dramatic reduction in production down time and lost cost. Our customers report a typical reduction in change-out labor from 4 workers at 4-6 hours to a single technician at a fraction of an hour.  This represents dependable savings for every production shift throughout your manufacturing year.  Time AND money, now you can have both!

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Abacus Automation is located in South Western Vermont. We are less than an hour drive from Albany NY and invite you to schedule a visit to our facility. Call us at 802-442-3662 or CLICK HERE to email us today to schedule a visit or begin a quote.

We'd love to meet you and build the perfect solution for you.