• In an automated world, what does a rebound in U.S. manufacturing mean for workers?
    In the early 19th century, a clique of British textile workers broke into factories and smashed mechanized looms, motivated by fear that their craftsmanship—and jobs—would be cast aside in favor […]
  • Happy new year 2023!
    It’s been a while since we reached out. (Too long, some might say.) But here we are—still going strong, still building some of the most amazing automation machines in America.  […]
  • Flexible Automation Using Robots
    Robot Flexibility helps deliver the Just-In-Time-Manufacturing demands of the 21st century. Abacus Automation has integrated a wide variety of Robots for customers around the world to assist with their Flexible […]
  • Flexible Manufacturing On Your Shop Floor
    Flexible manufacturing is the antidote to the kind of generic mass production that has become so much a part of our society over the last century. Demand is growing for individualized, […]
  • Manufacturing Automation, All Wrapped Up and Ready To Go.
    Flexible Automation allows multiple products to run on your production line, offers quick or even push-button changeover and can easily be re-programmed and tooled for new products and future expansion. […]